Initial commit of the Samsung YP-R0 port.

This port is a hybrid native/RaaA port. It runs on a embedded linux system,
but is the only application. It therefore can implement lots of stuff that
native targets also implement, while leveraging the underlying linux kernel.

The port is quite advanced. User interface, audio playback, plugins work
mostly fine. Missing is e.g. power mangement and USB (see SamsungYPR0 wiki page).

Included in utils/ypr0tools are scripts and programs required to generate
a patched firmware. The patched firmware has the rootfs modified to load
Rockbox. It includes a early/safe USB mode.

This port needs a new toolchain, one that includes glibc headers and libraries. can generate it, but e.g. codesourcey and distro packages may
also work.

Most of the initial effort is done by Lorenzo Miori and others (on ABI),
including reverse engineering and patching of the original firmware,
initial drivers, and more. Big thanks to you.

Flyspray: FS#12348
Author: Lorenzo Miori, myself

Merry christmas to ypr0 owners! :)

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