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This folder contains the java parts needed to build an Rockbox as an
application for android.
* Prerequisites
Download and install the Android SDK[1] and NDK[2], or run
After you extracted the SDK, you need to run <sdk-dir>/tools/android in order to
install the actual platform sdk from the available packages tab (SDK Platform
Android 1.5 or above should work).
In the virtual devices tab you can also setup a emulator.
Then, make sure you have the ANDROID_SDK_PATH and ANDROID_NDK_PATH (pointing to
the each's root directory) environment variables set up, otherwise configure will fail to find the compiler and
compiling the java files will fail.
* Build instructions
1. Create a separate build folder. Do not build in this source directory.
2. Run "../tools/configure". Choose the "Android" target and input your
screen resolution.
3. Run "make"
4. Run "make zip". This has to be run the first time, and any time themes
or plugins have changed. Otherwise you may skip it.
5. Run "make apk"
6. Optional. Install on your target/emulator, using the following command:
"$ANDROID_SDK_PATH/tools/adb install -r rockbox.apk"