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Q1. What kind of batteries are in my V2/FMR?
A1. They are 2200 mAh LiIon rechargeable batteries. Specifically, it is
two 1100 mAh LiIon cells in parallel, physically taped together.
Q2. Can I change the batteries?
A2. Yes, if you can find replacements. Archos does not sell them. One site
that does is:
Alternately, there are companies who make replacement battery assemblies
that might be able to help.
Q3. Ok, I got a replacement, now how do I put it in?
A3. Remove the two small screws on the top of your V2/FMR, and pry the lid off.
Now turn it upside down and shake it a little. It should just slide out.
Take note of the position it's in, and put the replacement in the same
way. Replace the cover.
Q4. How long should fully charged batteries run for?
A4. It depends on how you use it. If you're doing hard drive intensive
activities like formatting or transfering large amounts of data, probably
only a few hours. If you're only using it as an mp3 player it will depend
on the bitrate of the mp3s. Playing 128kbit mp3s, it should last around 8
hours. Playing lower quality recordings (32-64kbit) like audio books it
could be more like 12 or 14. Playing very high quality files (256kbit+)
it could be more like 4 or 6 hours. Also, doing the 8MB RAM mod will
significantly increase battery life.
Q5. How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
A5. About 50% charge is applied in the first hour. The rest takes up to 3
more hours.
Q6. I want/need a replacement charger. What kind should I get?
A6. A charger/adapter that outputs 6VDC at 700mAh and has a power plug with a
3.4mm O.D. x 1.3mm I.D., with positive center will have the same specs as
the original.
Q7. I've heard about options like deep discharge, but can't find them in the
menu. Where are they?
A7. These options are for the recorder (V1) only. Charging for the recorders is
done by software, but charging of the V2/FMR is controlled completely by
Q8. Can the FMR/V2 charge its batteries through the USB port?
A8. Yes, though slowly since USB is limited to 500 mA. Charging is reduced or
eliminated when the FMR/V2 is connected through a passive hub. If a PCMCIA
USB adapter is being used in a laptop or similar device, it is very
important to connect the external power supply if one is provided.
The PCMCIA port cannot supply sufficient power by itself. The Belkin USB
2.0 adapter, for example, comes with a "wall wart" power supply that can
be plugged into the PCMCIA card.
Q9. Can I run my V2/FMR constantly with the power adapter plugged in without
any negative effects?
A9. Yes, as long as you aren't draining the battery faster than you're
charging it (like reading/writing a lot in USB mode).
Q10. Is it ok if I recharge the battery when I've only drained it part of the
way? Will that reduce the life of the battery?
A10. You can recharge at any time. Li-Ion batteries have virtually no
memory effect.