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Rockbox History
* Dec 2001
Björn Stenberg set up and announced the mailing list for Archos Open Source
Jukebox software hacking dicsussions. People started to join up. The
scrambling algorithm was "broken" and the first ever LED-flashing program
was downloaded and run.
Lots of efforts were put on researching the hardware, how it works, what
circuits that are used, where to find the spec sheets for those circuits
By the end of the month, the first working LCD-code for the Recorder was
148 mails was posted to the list.
* Jan 2002
Initial source packages were offered that did basic things like scrolling
or blinking on the screen.
A vote page was setup for people to vote on a project name, and even while
Rockbox was not the winning one, Björn showed his dictator-side and set the
project name. Rockbox it shall be.
Discussions about development environments.
The issue of locked hard disks were discussed a lot, since Björn got this
problem on a whole range of his disks!
More hardware pins and functionality was detected and researched.
At the end of the month, Rockbox was setup as a project on
and people immediately started posting feature-requests.
187 mails was posted to the list.
* Feb 2002
Linus Nielsen Feltzing did some major progress on his gdb-stub and
associated hardware modification to do really low-level debugging.
Lots of feature-requests were posted.
47 mails was posted to the list.
* Mar 2002
Robert Hak suggested we start maintaining a FAQ, and took an initiative
to start the #rockbox IRC channel.
Daniel started the work on the simulator.
Initial code was added to the CVS.
72 mails was posted to the list.
* Apr 2002
UI-wise functionality is getting written, as by the help of the simulator we
write code even though the lower levels aren't quite there yet.
April 19th. Björn, Linus, Daniel and Kjell gathered at the "Rockbox
Developer Conference 2002" at Linus' place and drew up a basic design of the
Rockbox software.
Julien Labruyére donated a slightly broken Archos Jukebox 6000 to the
70 mails was posted to the list.
* May 2002
Introducing our cool playlist concept.
May 3rd. We have sound. Rockbox was able to produce sound for the first time
ever. The 4 seconds of music was the beginning of "Arcade" by Machinae
The FAT32 driver is working! We can access the file system.
The dir browser could run on a Player. The ATA code still didn't work on the
May 28th. We start offering "daily builds" on the Rockbox web site.
103 mails was posted to the list.
* Jun 2002
June 2nd. Rockbox 1.0 (for players only) is released.
The WPS concept was introduced.
June 19th. Working Archos Recorder mp3 playback was announced to the list.
June 19th. Rockbox 1.1 was released.
355 mails was posted to the list.
* Jul 2002
430 mails was posted to the list.
* Aug 2002
August 9th. Rockbox 1.2 was released.
August 28th. Rockbox 1.3 was released.
1199 mails was posted to the list.
* Sep 2002
ROLO was introduced.
Multiple-language support was added.
1375 mails was posted to the list.
* Oct 2002
October 11th. Rockbox 1.4 was release.
831 mails was posted to the list.
* Nov 2002
On Nov 10th, Linus announced the first recording code committed to CVS and
made available to users.
* Dec 2002
On Dec 19th, Björn posted the first ever test version for the FM Recorder.
Didn't work much...
* Jan 2003.
The FM version starts to work properly in the end of January.
* Feb 2003
Matthew P. O'Reilly donated an FM Recorder to Linus. Linus had it for 2
hours before he took it apart and started drawing schematics...
The FM version of Rockbox hits the daily builds on February 17th.
* Apr 2003
The April 1st joke, Doom on Archos, heated up the community.
On April 15th, the long awaited Rockbox 2.0 was released. Works fine on
Players, Recorders as well as FM Recorders (but without FM tuner support).
Daniel started editing and publishing the Rockbox Digest.
368 subscribers of the development mailing list.
1349 mails was posted to the list by 181 authors.
* May 2003
On May 3rd, Linus committed the first code ever that made use of the FM
tuner on the FM model.
* June 2003
On June 29th, Björn committed the first plugin interface and things, and
now Rockbox runs plugins.
* July 2003
On July 9th, Jörg Hohensohn announced the first official release of Rockbox
in flash! It only works on the Recorders and the FM Recorders.
* December 2003
Rockbox 2.1 is released
* March 2004
Rockbox 2.2 is released
Jörg Hohensohn introduces the voice concept that now allows Rockbox to talk
(speak) the menus and more.
* May 2004
We finally dump Sourceforge's CVS repository and host it ourselves.
* July 2004
We start providing Windows installer packages
Jens made it possible to run Rockbox entirely from ROM, thus making another
150-170KB free for mp3 buffering.
* September 2004
Jens and Jörg started porting Rockbox to the Archos Ondio, Archos' flash
memory based player series.
The work on a iRiver port starts for real. We bought one working and one
broken one to the project. Another article (about the porting) appears on
September 24: is ours thanks to Jeff!
* February 2006
the LaTeX manual was born
ipod video audio playback
* March 2006
iAudio X5 bootloader
ipod Mini 2G audio
* April 2006
ipod Mini 1G audio
* July 2006
FM radio and recording on the X5
* December 2006
Support for Toshiba Gigabeat F
Auto-detect 2048 bytes block-size to work fine on 5.5G ipod video
* January 2007
Changed to Subversion
* March 2007
Sound on the Sansa e200 models
* September 2007
Rockbox installs fine on the e200R models
Sound on the Sansa c200 models