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Rockbox Maintainers
This file lists the people maintaining the different parts of the
Rockbox project.
Syntax used:
:area name: maintainer 1,maintainer 2
Port maintainers
NOTE: Port maintainers are simply developers who use a particular
target on a daily basis and are therefore able to report issues
specific to that target.
:Archos Player/Studio: Jens Arnold
:Archos Recorder v1: Jens Arnold
:Archos Recorder 8MB:
:Archos FM Recorder: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Archos Recorder v2: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Archos Ondio FM: Jens Arnold, Marianne Arnold
:Archos Ondio SP:
:Creative Zen Vision:
:Creative Zen Vision:M: Maurus Cuelenaere
:Creative Zen Vision:M 60GB:
:Iriver H100/H115: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iriver H120/H140: Miika Pekkarinen, Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iriver H320/H340: Peter D'Hoye
:Ipod 1st Gen: Jens Arnold
:Ipod 2nd Gen: Jens Arnold
:Ipod 3rd Gen:
:Ipod 4th Gen Grayscale:
:Ipod Color/Photo: Dave Chapman
:Ipod Video:
:Ipod Mini 1st Gen:
:Ipod Mini 2nd Gen: Jens Arnold
:Ipod Nano 1st Gen: Thom Johansen
:Iriver H10 20GB: Barry Wardell
:Iriver H10 5GB/6GB:
:Iaudio X5: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iaudio X5V: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iaudio M5: Marianne Arnold
:Iaudio M3: Jens Arnold
:Onda VX747: Maurus Cuelenaere
:Sansa E200: Michael Sevakis, Barry Wardell
:Sansa E200R:
:Sansa C200:
:Toshiba Gigabeat F: Michael Sevakis
:Toshiba Gigabeat X:
Core code (low-level)
:Kernel: Miika Pekkarinen,Michael Sevakis
:LCD drivers: Michael Sevakis, Jens Arnold
:Button drivers: Michael Sevakis
:ATA driver: Michael Sevakis
:MMC driver: Jens Arnold
:SD driver: Barry Wardell
:FAT driver: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Battery/Power Management:
:FM Tuner drivers: Michael Sevakis
:Audio codec drivers: Michael Sevakis
Core code (Mid-level)
:DSP: Michael Sevakis,Thom Johansen
:LCD/Graphics API: Jens Arnold
:Buffering engine: Nicolas Pennequin
:Playback engine (HWCODEC):
:Playback engine (SWCODEC): Michael Sevakis, Nicolas Pennequin
:PCM playback API (SWCODEC): Michael Sevakis
:PCM recording API (SWCODEC): Michael Sevakis
:Recording API (HWCODEC):
:Fonts and Unicode:
:Replaygain: Magnus Holmgren
:Screens API and GUI widgets: Kévin Ferrare
:Settings API: Jonathan Gordon
:Language API:
:Menu API: Jonathan Gordon
:Button actions: Jonathan Gordon
Core code (high-level)
:Bookmarks: Magnus Holmgren
:Cuesheet support: Nicolas Pennequin
:Database: Miika Pekkarinen
:Radio UI:
:Recording UI: Peter D'Hoye
:Voice UI: Stéphane Doyon
:WPS: Nicolas Pennequin
:User interface: Jonathan Gordon
Metadata parsing
NOTE: Format-specific container format parsing is maintained by the
relevant codec maintainer.
:ID3v1/v2: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Vorbis Comments:
NOTE: Any languages without a dedicated maintainer are maintained by
the person(s) named next to "General".
:General: Jonas Häggqvist
:Italian: Alessio Lenzi
:Dutch: Peter D'Hoye
:Swedish: Magnus Holmgren
:Danish: Jonas Häggqvist
:German: Marianne Arnold
:Finnish: Jani Kinnunen
:Français: Mustapha Senhaji
:Hebrew: Tomer Shalev
:Tagalog: Melba Sitjar
:Español: Francisco Vila
:Plugin loader & API:
:Plugin library (general):
:Greyscale library: Jens Arnold
:XLCD library:
:bounce: Daniel Stenberg
:demystify: Kévin Ferrare
:fire: Kévin Ferrare
:grayscale: Jens Arnold
:jackpot: Kévin Ferrare
:jewels: Antoine Cellerier
:keybox: Nils Wallménius
:mandelbrot: Jens Arnold
:midi2wav: Stepan Moskovchenko (though it's deprecated in favor of midiplay)
:midiplay: Stepan Moskovchenko
:minesweeper: Antoine Cellerier
:mpegplayer: Michael Sevakis
:oscilloscope: Jens Arnold
:pacbox: Dave Chapman
:pong: Daniel Stenberg
:properties: Peter D'Hoye
:random_folder_advance_config: Jonathan Gordon
:reversi: Antoine Cellerier
:rocklife: Antoine Cellerier
:rockpaint: Antoine Cellerier
:search: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:sokoban: Antoine Cellerier
:solitaire: Antoine Cellerier
:sort: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:starfield: Kévin Ferrare
:sudoku: Dave Chapman
:test_codec: Dave Chapman
:test_disk: Jens Arnold
:test_fps: Peter D'Hoye
:test_sampr: Michael Sevakis
:test_scanrate: Jens Arnold
:text_editor: Jonathan Gordon
:vbrfix: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:wavplay: Jens Arnold
:wavrecord: Jens Arnold
:wavview: Peter D'Hoye
:xobox: Antoine Cellerier
Codecs (Playback)
:Codec loader & API:
:A/52 (AC-3): Dave Chapman
:AAC: Magnus Holmgren
:ALAC:Dave Chapman
:APE (Monkey's Audio): Dave Chapman
:FLAC: Dave Chapman
:MPEG Audio (MP1/MP2/MP3): Thom Johansen
:Musepack: Thom Johansen
:Ogg Vorbis:
:SPC: Michael Sevakis
:Speex: Thom Johansen
:WMA (ASF Parsing): Dave Chapman
:WMA (Decoder):
Codecs (Recording)
:AIFF: Michael Sevakis
:MP3: Michael Sevakis
:WAVE: Michael Sevakis
:WavPack: Michael Sevakis
:Iriver H1xx/H3xx: Miika Pekkarinen, Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iaudio X5/M5: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:PortalPlayer (not ipod): Barry Wardell
:Ipod: Dave Chapman
:Gigabeat F/X: Barry Wardell
Build Tools
:configure script and build system: Daniel Stenberg
:genlang: Daniel Stenberg
:bmp2rb: Daniel Stenberg
:checkwps: Nicolas Pennequin
:mkboot: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:convbdf: Daniel Stenberg
:wavtrim: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:scramble: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:descramble: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:mkinfo: Daniel Stenberg
:voice perl script: Jonas Häggqvist
Install Tools
:Rockbox Utility:
:ipodpatcher: Dave Chapman
:sansapatcher: Dave Chapman, Barry Wardell
:e200rpatcher: Dave Chapman
:Manual build system:
[What to put here - maintainers for chapters?]
:ARM disassembler:
:tcctool: Dave Chapman
Web site stuff
:web site scripts and server-side admin:Daniel Stenberg,Björn Stenberg,Linus Nielsen Feltzing