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Rockbox Font Collection
Fonts put here need to follow a few rules:
1. All fonts must be in standard unicode encoding (ISO10646-1). ISO8859-1
would also work, but should be avoided for consistency, and converted to
unicode (it's a trivial change of declaration, the actual code positions
stay the same).
Other encodings will break text output in rockbox for any non-ASCII text
and are hence not allowed.
2. All fonts need to adhere to the following naming convention for easy
browsing in rockbox:
NN is the height _in pixels_ when converted to .fnt with convbdf, zero
padded for proper sorting in the file browser.
"Family" is the font family (might consist of more than one part, e.g.
"Variant" covers the weight and variant (might also consist of more than
one part e.g. "Cond-BoldItalic"). This part should be left out if it is
Regular/Normal/Medium. Do not abbreviate variant names unless they're
overly long (keep in mind that the rockbox target displays vary a lot in
3. Fonts must have a suitable license for redistribution.
4. Fonts should be carefully selected, judging quality over quantity. A font
that only covers ASCII isn't worth much. Rockbox supports a lot of
Reference table for theme authors
Old Name New Name Remarks
00-Starmap_r400-8 - removed, use another 8px font
5x7 07-Fixed
5x8 08-Fixed
6+12x13 13-Fixed
6x9 09-Fixed
6x10 10-Fixed
6x12 12-Fixed-SemiCond
6x13 13-Fixed-SemiCond
6x13B 13-Fixed-SemiCond-Bold
8x13B 13-Fixed-Bold
9+18x18 18-Fixed
9+18x18B 18-Fixed-Bold
alt8x8 - removed, use another 8px font
atadore 08-Atadore
atari-small - removed, use another 8px font
clR6x8-8859-2 08-Schumacher-Clean *
courB08 - removed, use another 10px font
courB14 - removed, use another 18px font
Hebrew-Bold - removed, use another 8px font
Hebrew-Large - removed, use another 8px font
Hebrew-Medium - removed, use another 8px font
Hebrew-Small - removed, use another 8px font
helvR10 12-Adobe-Helvetica
helvR12 15-Adobe-Helvetica
helvR14 16-Adobe-Helvetica
jackash-16 16-Jackash
mix12 14-Rockbox-Mix
namil-8 08-Namil
nedore-8 08-Nedore
nedore-9 09-Nedore
nimbus-10 10-Nimbus
nimbus-11 11-Nimbus
nimbus-12 12-Nimbus
nimbus-13 13-Nimbus
nimbus-14 14-Nimbus
nimbus-19 19-Nimbus
ProFont_r400-10 10-ProFont
ProFont_r400-11 11-ProFont
ProFont_r400-12 12-ProFont
ProFont_r400-15 15-ProFont
ProFont_r400-17 17-ProFont
ProFont_r400-22 22-ProFont
ProFont_r400-29 29-ProFont
proportional 08-Rockbox-Propfont
rockbox_default 08-Schumacher-Clean *
rockfont-8 08-Rockfont
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-8 08-Sazanami-Mincho
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-9 09-Sazanami-Mincho
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-10 10-Sazanami-Mincho
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-11 11-Sazanami-Mincho
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-12 12-Sazanami-Mincho
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-13 13-Sazanami-Mincho
Sazanami-Mincho-Regular-14 14-Sazanami-Mincho
snap 10-Artwiz-Snap
ter-u12n 12-Terminus
ter-u14b 14-Terminus-Bold
ter-u14n 14-Terminus
ter-u14v - removed, use 14-Terminus-Bold
ter-u16b 16-Terminus-Bold
ter-u16n 16-Terminus
ter-u16v - removed, use 16-Terminus-Bold
ter-u20b 20-Terminus-Bold
ter-u20n 20-Terminus
ter-u24b 24-Terminus-Bold
ter-u24n 24-Terminus
ter-u28b 28-Terminus-Bold
ter-u28n 28-Terminus
ter-u32b 32-Terminus-Bold
ter-u32n 32-Terminus
timR08 - removed, use another 11px font
Tiny-Prop-5 05-Tiny
Tiny-Prop-6 06-Tiny
unifont 16-GNU-Unifont
uwe_prop - removed, use 08-Rockbox-Propfont
win_crox0c - removed, use another 10px font
win_crox1c - removed, use another 13px font
win_crox2c - removed, use another 16px font
win_crox3c - removed, use another 20px font
win_crox4h - removed, use another 24px font
win_crox5t - removed, use another 27px font
* this is not a mistake. Those were 2 encoding variants of the same font,
which are now combined.