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require "tools/";
my $verbose;
if($ARGV[0] eq "-v") {
$verbose =1;
shift @ARGV;
my $doonly;
if($ARGV[0]) {
$doonly = $ARGV[0];
print "only build $doonly\n" if($verbose);
# made once for all targets
sub runone {
my ($dir)=@_;
my $a;
if($doonly && ($doonly ne $dir)) {
mkdir "buildv-$dir";
chdir "buildv-$dir";
print "Build in buildv-$dir\n" if($verbose);
# build the manual(s)
$a = buildit($dir);
chdir "..";
my $o="buildv-$dir/english.voice";
if (-f $o) {
my $newo="output/$dir-$";
system("cp $o output/$dir-$version-english.voice");
system("mkdir -p .rockbox/langs");
system("cp $o .rockbox/langs");
system("zip -r $newo .rockbox");
system("rm -rf .rockbox");
print "moved $o to $newo\n" if($verbose);
print "remove all contents in buildv-$dir\n" if($verbose);
system("rm -rf buildv-$dir");
return $a;
sub buildit {
my ($model)=@_;
`rm -rf * >/dev/null 2>&1`;
my $c = "../tools/configure --type=av --target=$model --language=0 --tts=f --ram=0 --voice=0";
print "C: $c\n" if($verbose);
print "Run 'make voice'\n" if($verbose);
print `make voice VERSION=$version 2>/dev/null`;
# run make in tools first to make sure they're up-to-date
`(cd tools && make ) >/dev/null 2>&1`;
my $home=$ENV{'HOME'};
my $pool="$home/tmp/rockbox-voices-$version/voice-pool";
`mkdir -p $pool`;
`rm -f $pool/*`;
for my $b (&stablebuilds) {
next if (length($builds{$b}{configname}) > 0); # no variants