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Daniel Stenberge566eed2005-03-06 15:07:38 +00001# -*- Makefile -*-
3# return the list of sources to build in the SRC variable
5# This uses the native 'gcc' compiler and not $(CC) since we use the -include
6# option and older gcc compiler doesn't have that. We use one such older
7# compiler for the win32 cross-compiles on Linux.
9# The weird grep -v thing in here is due to Apple's stupidities and is needed
10# to make this do right when used on Mac OS X.
Linus Nielsen Feltzing64d34702005-03-10 08:19:54 +000012SRC := $(shell cat SOURCES | $(CC) -DMEMORYSIZE=$(MEMORYSIZE) $(INCLUDES) \
Daniel Stenberg8ebbe992008-02-18 12:17:34 +000013$(TARGET) $(DEFINES) $(EXTRA_DEFINES) -E -P -include "config.h" - 2>/dev/null \
Marcoen Hirschberg354ddb92008-06-28 00:06:49 +000014| grep -v "^\#")