1. 5e4532c Fix a problem with audio not starting on a list of short files by Michael Sevakis · 7 years ago
  2. 6c83739 Playback: Fix problems with crossfade on short tracks. by Michael Sevakis · 8 years ago
  3. d37bf24 Enable setting of global output samplerate on certain targets. by Michael Sevakis · 11 years ago
  4. fdd3634 Fix up some more type stuff in pcmbuf.c. by Michael Sevakis · 12 years ago
  5. 5833cc1 pcmbuf minor cleaning by Michael Sevakis · 12 years ago
  6. 7ad2cad Commit work started in FS#12153 to put timing/position information in PCM by Michael Sevakis · 13 years ago
  7. 5078d46 Fix FS#12238 - WPS delay on pause introduced by r30097 which was the excuse I wanted anyway to do a better PCM fade on stop/pause implementation. New fade is asynchronous tick-based. Restores skin update points in the WPS that were removed when fading mechanism was changed. by Michael Sevakis · 13 years ago
  8. a2b6703 Commit FS#12150 - Fully-functional audio mixer - and finally whip old limitations about playback of voice and other sounds when paused. Channels are independent in state and amplitude. Fade on stop/pause is handled by the channel's volume control rather than global volume which means it now works from anywhere. Opens up the possibility of plugin sounds during music playback by merely adding an additional channel enum. If any PCM drivers were not properly modified, see one of the last comments in the task for a description of the simple change that is expected. Some params are tunable in firmware/export/pcm-mixer.h as well. by Michael Sevakis · 13 years ago
  9. c537d59 Commit FS#12069 - Playback rework - first stages. Gives as thorough as possible a treatment of codec management, track change and metadata logic as possible while maintaining fairly narrow focus and not rewriting everything all at once. Please see the rockbox-dev mail archive on 2011-04-25 (Playback engine rework) for a more thorough manifest of what was addressed. Plugins and codecs become incompatible. by Michael Sevakis · 13 years ago
  10. 6510973 Give playback engine better control over the codec. Codec simply follows commands and doesn't concern itself with audio state. Get track change notification in on the actual last buffer insert of the track because now audio simply waits for a track change notify from PCM on the last track and it must be sent reliably. This is still at an intermediate stage but works. Codecs and plugins become incompatible. by Michael Sevakis · 13 years ago
  11. 9e09534 Crossfade: carved out crossfade related code with lots of HAVE_CORSSFADE conditionals, eliminated fade buffer on low memory targets by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  12. b6f15f2 pcmbuf: moved some functions around, no functional changes yet by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  13. 37adbee pcmbuf: sorted functions into logical sections for readability. Tiny changes, nothing functional by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  14. 04b01e1 pcmbuf: clarify and simplify crossfade code, etc. by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  15. 013fe35 pcmbuf: better latency calculation, added debug code by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  16. 5ce8e2c Clarify track transition code in pcmbuf and playback. No functional changes yet. by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  17. e8eefe9 Code cleanup in codec_thread, playback and pcmbuf; more elegant solution to leftover samples by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  18. cf19ba5 Replace limiter with dynamic range compressor by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  19. 2b7ef6b FS#10199: Adds limiter DSP function by Jeffrey Goode · 15 years ago
  20. d52c661 Commit FS#10335 from Jeffrey Goode. by Dan Everton · 15 years ago
  21. 6427d12 Calculate watermark from bitrate and harddisk spinup time. by Björn Stenberg · 16 years ago
  22. 2acc0ac Updated our source code header to explicitly mention that we are GPL v2 or by Daniel Stenberg · 16 years ago
  23. 7f4a713 Removed unused function get_pcmbuf_descsize from pcmbuf.c by Bertrik Sikken · 16 years ago
  24. 135cc75 Revert my earlier const madness, we'll keep the parameter lists simple. by Steve Bavin · 16 years ago
  25. c9df8fd The const police raid playback.c, should be no change to behaviour. by Steve Bavin · 16 years ago
  26. 99617d7 Make speex the new voice format for SWCODEC targets (non-Archos). Remove codec swapping and build speex voice decoding directly into the core binary. by Michael Sevakis · 17 years ago
  27. f02cba8 Code cleaning - remove some unnecessary defined(SIMULATOR) checks by Dave Chapman · 17 years ago
  28. e1dd10d SWCODEC: Get rid of extra swap buffer and get back 512K of RAM or 100K if the players RAM is <= 1MB. Make any needed changes to things to stabilize and facilitate this including removing flattening out initialization. Comment some things heavily. Fix a few logfs I didn't want to see the compiler complaining about. by Michael Sevakis · 17 years ago
  29. aba6ca0 Fix resampling clicking as much as possible at the moment. 1) Upsampling clicked because of size inaccuracies returned by DSP. Fix by simplifying audio system to use per-channel sample count from codec to pcm buffer. 2) Downsampling affected by 1) and was often starting passed the end of the data when not enough was available to generate an output sample. Fix by clamping input range to last sample in buffer and using the last sample value in the buffer. A perfect fix will require a double buffering scheme on the resampler to sufficient data during small data transients on both ends at all times of the down ratio on input and the up ratio on output. by Michael Sevakis · 17 years ago
  30. 0f5cb94 Big Patch adds primarily: Samplerate and format selection to recording for SWCODEC. Supprort for samplerates changing in playback (just goes with the recording part inseparably). Samplerates to all encoders. Encoders can be configured individually on a menu specific to the encoder in the recording menu. File creation is delayed until flush time to reduce spinups when splitting. Misc: statusbar icons for numbers are individual digits to display any number. Audio buffer was rearranged to maximize memory available to recording and properly reinitialized when trashed. ColdFire PCM stuff moved to target tree to avoid a complicated mess when adding samplerate switching. Some needed API changes and to neaten up growing gap between hardware and software codecs. by Michael Sevakis · 18 years ago
  31. 7058752 Removed ugly boosting solutions from playback code and let scheduler by Miika Pekkarinen · 18 years ago
  32. 10befc8 Don't unboost CPU in an ISR by Steve Bavin · 18 years ago
  33. 0a7ded3 Memory size checks in .c/.h files should use MEM, not MEMORYSIZE by Dave Chapman · 18 years ago
  34. 28910e7 Various lower limits and sizes for targets with 1MB of RAM (Iriver iFP7xx). by Tomasz Malesinski · 18 years ago
  35. ddaf5f0 Revert a previous change, works around the problem of freezing on stop-while-paused, and skipping with crossfade by Brandon Low · 18 years ago
  36. 6c0908b Rework crossfade to properly follow pcmbuf chunks instaed of blindly inserting into the ring buffer by Brandon Low · 18 years ago
  37. f3bc1ef First commit of reworking voice to be mroe stable on swcodec by Brandon Low · 18 years ago
  38. 9535a9a Fix some of the voice and beep bugs that people have noticed since my new pcmbuf code went in, reduce code duplication, and improve performance while I'm at it by Brandon Low · 18 years ago
  39. 413da2a Rework PCM buffer by Brandon Low · 18 years ago
  40. 4408b6b Reduce latency when configuring the EQ. by Miika Pekkarinen · 18 years ago
  41. a4f8d1c Don't use crossfader mix mode when skipping tracks manually. by Miika Pekkarinen · 18 years ago
  42. a3868d3 Continue to update playback status after decoding is complete (the progress bar makes it to 100%!) by Brandon Low · 18 years ago
  43. e7461b3 iRiver: New crossfader with more configuration capability. Might still by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago
  44. 65d43a2 Define empty macros for cpu boosting on targets with no such a feature. by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago
  45. 29aad55 Fixed iriver cpu boosting problems. by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago
  46. 159c52d Initial voice ui support for software codec platforms. Added also a by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago
  47. 90161c9 It's now possible to select the crossfading mode: "Off, Crossfade, by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago
  48. f090dc3 Crossfade (and pcm buffer size) length is now configurable. by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago
  49. 20b3897 Separated buffering stuff from pcm_playback to pcmbuf. Renamed some by Miika Pekkarinen · 19 years ago