1. 0d9eeff Set the default character in 08-Atadore font to an existing glyph by Alexander Levin · 14 years ago
  2. 5cf262c Rename some glyphs in 08-Atadore font to standard unicode names (part 2 of FS#11082) by Alexander Levin · 14 years ago
  3. 6d066ab Polish character set for 08-Atadore font (FS#11082 by Tomasz Kowalczyk), part 1 by Alexander Levin · 14 years ago
  4. f2c7a69 Font cleanup step 3 - The Big Shuffle: Renamed all fonts to a consistent naming scheme that allows easy selection of alternatives based on size, as discussed on IRC. Adjusted themes in SVN and Makefile for the sysfont. ** Attention **: Clean up your /.rockbox/fonts folder before installing the new release, and then install a new font pack as well. Adjust font names in your custom .cfg files. A reference table can be found in fonts/README. by Jens Arnold · 16 years ago[Renamed from fonts/atadore.bdf]
  5. 95c62a2 Font cleaup step 2: * Removed 00-Starmap_r400-8 - Bad unicode coverage, pretended to be a Win-1252 font, but was little more than pure ASCII, with many placeholders/ empty characters. * Removed win_crox* - broken encoding. RAWIN-R is neither Win-1251 nor ISO8859-5. * Converted jackash-16 to unicode (was CP437 in spite of what it said). * Fix several fonts to state their encoding, and change ISO8859-1 to ISO10646-1 for consistency. Fix property counts while we are at it. by Jens Arnold · 16 years ago
  6. 22fd075 Initial revision by Daniel Stenberg · 20 years ago