1. 34998e3 Update manual copyright information for 2017 (FS#13095) by Sebastian Leonhardt · 7 years ago
  2. cb3e40b Update manual copyright information for 2013. by Dominik Riebeling · 11 years ago
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  8. b2f7c61 Manual: apply FS#8309 by David Bishop (replace all occurences of 'folder/folders' with 'directory/directories') for consistency. Additionally tried to get rid of some unnecessary ones here and there but phrasing can definitely be improved further. by Marianne Arnold · 17 years ago
  9. 2e020e6 Show what the manual is built with (tex4ht, pdflatex) in the intro) by Martin Arver · 17 years ago
  10. 9011c06 Removed unnecessary copyright statement, and corrected some grammar by Linus Nielsen Feltzing · 18 years ago
  11. ea37d4c Use the svn revision number for version information too, version string is now "r<revision>-<builddate> unless there is a static version file (e.g. created by tools/release). by Dominik Riebeling · 18 years ago
  12. 46b9f98 Update copyright information. by Dominik Riebeling · 18 years ago
  13. 6424c50 our \ifpdf is useless as KOMA-Script provides \ifpdfoutput. Don't output the warn and note symbols when not generating pdf output, also don't format the rockbox title as chapter*. Fixes some issues with tex4ht (and brings us closer to the html manual) by Dominik Riebeling · 18 years ago
  14. 2c571d9 Make the intro page look nicer. by Dominik Riebeling · 18 years ago
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  18. d68d7c0 Rockbox manual in LaTeX initial commit. New option 'manual' added to configure. Some platforms (eg recorderv2, fmrecorder) produce the same manual target, so either can be selected from the configure script. by Christi Scarborough · 18 years ago