1. 4e88de8 Re-adding songdb.pl with support for tagcache. Works with mp3 and has partial support for ogg. by Hardeep Sidhu · 18 years ago
  2. 3215ed2 use tag cache by Daniel Stenberg · 18 years ago
  3. 006f704 songdb.pl doesn't crash when trying to parse Ogg FLAC or Ogg Speex files now. by Ryan Jackson · 19 years ago
  4. 40a8401 songdb.pl now calculates the checksum for Ogg Vorbis files by starting at the first page of audio data by Ryan Jackson · 19 years ago
  5. 4fb816d Initial Vorbis Comments support. We just need a few more translations and it by Daniel Stenberg · 19 years ago